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Hi, I’m Tessa, and this is the start of your Therapeutic Sound journey.

I’m a Therapeutic Sound practitioner and trainer rethinking the way we learn how to use sound to improve health and wellbeing.

The TESSA UN Ltd range of products, courses and experiences will lead you into your personal connection with therapeutic sound and how to use it within your life, your home or professional practice.

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tessa ann greer therapeutic sound healing specialist, sound coach at TESSA UN Ltd.

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Therapeutic Sound Training

Uncover your sound healing potential

When you choose to explore your world through sound you begin to realise the unlimited potential available to you for personal healing and expansion.  So take a moment to discover what this could mean for you by browsing the TESSA UN Ltd Sound Academy courses.

Connect with your course, Anytime, anywhere!

With the online learning options available at TESSA UN Ltd you can connect in with your course on the go from your mobile device.

Review your experience with TESSA UN Ltd

Choose how you study

Online or in person - self paced study.

The courses have been designed in a way in which you may achieve your professional accreditations through a complete journey of experiential learning.

This makes learning and accreditation achievable from the level you're at right now.

Gong Bath Bowls for Therapeutic Sound

Know yourself through sound

TESSA UN Ltd offer a range of workshops that will bring you to an understanding of sound, your personal connection to it and how that connection can help you navigate your life.

Integrate therapeutic sound with your practice

Are you a Therapist, Teacher, Counsellor, Coach, Music Professional, Dancer, Care Worker or Mental Health Practitioner?

The application of therapeutic sound can enhance many professions!

It can be used as technique for personal development or to improve productivity and communication.

Become a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner

The Level 3 diploma courses will guide you through a curriculum of tutorials, practical and experiential assignments, with group and one to one training available, which will support to in your journey to becoming a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner.

Brand new training

NEW FORMAT! Level 3 Therapeutic Sound Diploma.

With a unique way to explore therapeutic sound.


Happy Students

View the testimonials of some of the students who have taken the journey with TESSA UN Ltd.

Thank you so much for these sessions...

It really amazed and surprised me how much of an impact the sounds had on my body.

The sounds were very intense and allowed me to learn a lot about myself and my environment.

The session allowed me space and time to be able to stop and pay attention to myself which was great because I’d forgotten the importance of this


The Sound Inside online sessions were a lovely journey...

I learnt quite a lot from the sessions regarding the different instruments and how they make me feel...from the calming angelic bowls to the deeper gongs and vocals. Tessa was a fantastic host and gave us just enough information to get the most from the experience without giving too much away and perhaps creating an expectation.

It was very interesting to hear everyone's feedback and comparing each others notes at the end...and finding several similarities of how we all interpreted the sounds.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate and I hope there are more Sound Sessions to come...


I found it very beneficial for my mental Health...

as it helped me take time for myself. It was relaxing at times and other times sad but that is what I felt my body needed at that time.

I have been using the sounds on you tube at least twice a week and its helps me relax and balance when I come out of work. Thank you so much Tessa for giving me this opportunity.​


Get a Feeling for Sound Healing?

You might like to experience a short introduction to sound healing as you mull over the TESSA UN Ltd course options.

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The Introduction to Therapeutic Sound eBook

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