About Tessa Ann

tessa ann greer therapeutic sound healing specialist, sound coach at TESSA UN Ltd.

"Don't Die With Your Music Still In You" my daily Inspiration from Wayne Dyer

I have worked in the sound and music industry for 25 years as a DJ, Music Producer, Events Organiser & Teacher.

I now combine my love of sound with my passion for wellbeing and complementary therapies to practice as a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner through my business The Sound Healing Spa. 

Organising various wellbeing events and workshops alongside my delivery of sound healing to individuals and groups, I continue to build on my skills and knowledge through ongoing personal and professional development.

To help inspire creativity within my work I combine my sound healing practice with my holistic personal training and coaching services.

My focus is always on creation, be it creating a space for people to chill and relax, or by creating opportunities for others through sound. My sessions and events range from relaxation sessions, to events where people can be more interactive, have fun and be inspired through movement as well as sound.

Sound is vibration and I play a range of sound healing instruments to produce sounds that resonate with the body to promote relaxation, balance and connection to the self.

Through this process people often experience great benefits and healing on many levels. Bringing these experiences to people on a daily basis has been a truly rewarding experience.

I now have, and promote, a more balanced lifestyle. Having lived with a pituitary adenoma for 14 years, I have now been given the all clear and attribute my wellness to the energetic and therapeutic based sound work I have received and given to myself, as well receiving the benefits through the work I deliver to others.

My therapeutic work has shown me the benefits that one can gain for the self, when one works with the intention for the betterment of others.

I still love to DJ and produce music, my latest creative project sees me combining my passion for sound therapy work with electronic music to create my ‘Electronic Sound Bath’. Providing the experience of healing sounds in a more upbeat environment, allows me to reach a wider audience.

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