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What is
The Sound Oracle?

The Sound Oracle is a unique learning system which includes an interactive sound healing educational resource presented to you in both printed and online format. 

Using these cards you will explore therapeutic sound and the power of sound vibration through sounds, musical notes, instruments, colour, form and their connection to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

The Sound Oracle resource accompanies a fully accredited Level 3 Diploma course.

With this resource and course combined you have a package to support you through your unique sound healing journey to becoming a fully qualified sound therapist.

There is no requirement for you to buy additional instruments for this course, as you'll have all you need in the box.

Complete your learning through a completely experiential, unique and intuitive approach.


Award winning innovation in training

We are thrilled to share with you that our unique approach to therapeutic sound training with our innovative Sound Oracle training system and product has been awarded a Gold Level Innovation Award.

All you need for your Sound Healing journey
in 1 Kit!

The Sound Oracle deck & sound healing training

Achieve your therapeutic sound certification or accreditation through a fully experiential approach

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Who is The Sound Oracle for?

The Sound Oracle is a unique learning system designed to teach a foundational, yet advanced concept in therapeutic sound.

This course is suitable for beginners through to those more experienced in therapeutic sound and provides an opportunity to enhance and deepen existing therapeutic practices.

All you require to begin practicing and sharing sounds is in The Sound Oracle Kit included with this course.

This resource supports therapists, artists, teachers, musicians, coaches and wellness professionals who deliver personal development and empowerment to their clients. They can benefit from this supportive resource and it's ease of use while learning about a versatile and expansive therapeutic technique.

Please view the FAQ's at the bottom of this page for even more useful information.

As an Education Tool

As an educational resource and if you’re new to the field, it delivers one of the foundational concepts used in sound healing.

As a Wellness Professional

As a therapist or wellness professional it offers you the opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge of therapeutic sound while using it as a resource to support your clients.

For Coaching & Guidance

You may also use the resource as a guidance tool, or as a sound resource to support your clients in a 1-2-1 coaching & guidance session.

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Your learning experience

Designed to integrate easily into your day

  • Dedicate 10 minutes  a day to your learning exprience

  • Modules completed at your own pace

  • All education and sound resources you need in 1 Kit

  • A lighter way of learning through intuitive and experiential practice

the sound oracle Therapeutic Sound Healing Training Northern Ireland

Study with The Sound Oracle

The Sound Oracle course packages:

Accredited Level 3 Therapeutic Sound Diploma:

The Sound Oracle - guidebook (digital and printed versions)
Introduction to therapeutic sound e-book (digital version)
The Sound Oracle – deck of 69 cards to support your learning and to support clients (both digital and printed versions)
The Sound Oracle - 13 educational reference cards (digital and printed versions)
66 cloud accessible sounds plus extra audio resources to use with clients
In-person or Live online training sessions with tutor and creator of The Sound Oracle – Tessa Ann

Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic Sound.

Completing this as a CPD Certified Course

The above course may also be completed as a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Course, for those who do not wish to complete a full Level 3 Diploma.

Experience a Coaching & Guidance session with
The Sound Oracle

Coaching and guidance support sessions are also available with The Sound Oracle.

The Coaching & Guidance Session

This will help you to navigate your life purpose using the medium of sound combined with a coaching or mentoring session.

The messages in sound support you with guidance and highlight important aspects about yourself that are important to consider in this moment and as you progress forward.

These sessions can potentially provide you with clarity, priorities to address and connection with your purpose, thereby saving you time on trying to figure it out.

What is required from you is your willingness to listen to yourself.

1 x 60 minute session


The Sound Oracle Reading &
Sound Healing Progression Report

The readings use the medium of sound as a navigation tool to allow you to gain insight and connect with your inner and outer world.

These sessions can support you:

In your current living or work environment
With your relationship interactions
With personal change and transformation
Personal wellness

You will receive a report after the session which provides you with the tools to continue your self-development work, and you will also receive bespoke sounds to listen to for as long as required.

1 x 60 minute session

£ 70

Additional report with bespoke sounds



Tessa Ann on Sound Healing

In this video Tessa Ann gives a brief introduction and demonstration of therapeutic sound.

Play Video


A unique learning system that teaches an in-depth technique of one of the foundational concepts used in therapeutic sound.

As an educational resource and if you’re new to the field, it delivers one of the
foundational concepts used in therapeutic sound.

As a therapist or wellness professional it offers you the opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge of therapeutic sound while using it as a resource to support your clients.

With this unique resource you have all the external tools you require in the box.  

Combined with your attendance when you join the live online sessions you have the option to complete this course through an entirely experiential option.

Of course, if you prefer the academic approach, you also have the option to complete a workbook for each module.

Yes you may complete this as a non-accredited course.  You will still receive CPD points for your commitment to the work you put in, but you would not receive the full Level 3 Diploma.

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