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Online sound therapy training courses to empower yourself, become a practitioner or enrich your current practice.

The Essence of
Sound Space Awareness

Learn how to work with Therapeutic Sound

Know yourself through sound, integrate sound healing with your practice or become a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner

The Therapeutic Sound Academy offers a range of Sound therapy training courses from introductory workshops, to CPD courses. You also have the opportunity to progress on the path to becoming a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner through our Level 3 Diploma courses.


Award winning innovation in Therapeutic Sound

We at the Therapeutic Sound Academy are thrilled to share with you that our unique approach to therapeutic sound training with our innovative Sound Oracle training system and product has been awarded a Gold Level Innovation Award.

The Learning Journey

Through your sound therapy training journey with the Therapeutic Sound Academy you will explore your own personal connection with sound and learn how to incorporate sounds with your professional practice.

Sound Therapy training bowls
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Know yourself through sound

We offer a range of workshops that will bring you to an understanding of sound, your personal connection to it and how that connection can help you navigate your life.

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Integrate therapeutic sound with your practice

Are you a Therapist, Teacher, Counsellor, Coach, Music Professional, Dancer, Care Worker or Mental Health Practitioner? The application of therapeutic sound can enhance many careers and professions! It can be used as technique for personal development or to improve productivity and communication.

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Become a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner

Our Level 3 Diploma courses will guide you through a curriculum of tutorials, assignments, group and one to one training, which will result in you becoming a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner.

Study with the TESSA UN Ltd Therapeutic Sound Academy

The TESSA UN Ltd Therapeutic Sound Academy offers a range of Sound therapy training courses ranging from introductory workshops, to certified CPD courses to accredited Level 3 Diplomas.

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