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On & Offline

The Sound Healing Spa was founded by Tessa Ann in 2013. 

Since then she and her team have delivered a range of therapeutic sound experiences, workshops, training and events to individuals, groups, businesses and corporate organisations.

I have worked with a wide range of businesses over the years and seen the improvements to mental wellness, clarity of mind, communication and bonding that therapeutic sound can bring to a staff team, boosting morale and productivity for real workplace wellness.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Sound
to your Team

Mental Wellness & Communication

Therapeutic sound sessions can bring improvements to mental wellness, clarity of mind, communication and team bonding.
Clinical trials have specifically shown that sound healing may help relieve a range of common issues that may affect a team member's effectiveness, including stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety and more.

Physical Wellness & Ease of Pain

In clinical trials the use of therapeutic sound has shown to relieve a range of common physical issues that can impact your team members on a day to day basis, such as:
insomnia, chronic pain, hearing difficulties, stress, high blood pressure and much more.

Boosted Motivation & Productivity

I have worked with a range of businesses over the years, delivering workshops and one to one sessions both on and offline.

I have seen first hand how therapeutic sound can boost morale and productivity through the improvements to physical and mental wellness, as well as team bonding.

Sound Experiences For Workplace Wellness

Online Sessions

The Sound Healing Spa @ Home

In the full comfort of their homes we can offer your team:

One to One Sessions.
Group Sessions.

In Person Sessions

Following your country's safety guidelines we offer:

One to One or Group Workshop & Training.

Group relaxation experiences.

Digital Resources

Sounds to enhance & restore your team member's physical and mental wellbeing.

Your team can listen at work or at home to our range of digital products and resources.

Or contact us and we can create bespoke sounds for your organisation's needs.

Corporate Retreats - On or Offline

The Sound Healing Spa can create a bespoke retreat for your staff / team to be held at a time to suit you, either online or offline in accordance with safety guidelines.

Contact us to arrange your member retreat.

What is Therapeutic Sound?

Therapeutic sound, also known as sound healing or sound therapy, is a form of vibrational healing or vibrational medicine.

Sound is said to be the fundamental nature of reality, with the idea that every form (animate or inanimate), including ourselves, has its own unique vibrational frequency. Aches, pains, illness and disease may be experienced in the body, when we feel out of balance.

The practice of therapeutic sound uses sound vibration to help relax and reduce stress in the body. When you are more relaxed and less stressed it is easier for your body to activate its own natural healing mechanisms.

Sound can be used as a therapeutic practice to help create a feeling of balance and a sense of wellbeing on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Therapeutic sound sessions can be experienced in many different environments, as part of a group, as a one to one, or as self-practice to reduce stress and improve overall well-being whenever needed.

The Sound Healing Spa @ Home

Online Sessions

For Individuals

With a one to one session we can address a  team member’s specific issues and requirements. Being focussed on the individual, they enjoy a personal sound therapy experience and reap the benefits of therapeutic sound targeted to their needs.

For Groups

We bring a sense of calm to your team members and their homes with our group sessions.

Help boost wellbeing and productivity within your team with a bespoke sound healing experience of relaxation and mindfulness through sound.  

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