A Sense of Survival - Imagine Festival Belfast

Artists Tessa Ann and Rosalind Lowry

Working in collaboration, the artists Tessa Ann and Rosalind Lowry have researched historical and social records of Crumlin Road Gaol, and the Gaol system throughout Ireland, to create this new site specific work.
Using sound and sculpture, with original photographs of inmates, the work was created as a tribute to the women and children in the prison system, incarcerated and punished for minor crimes.

Exhibition event & sound healing (FREE ACCESS)

For our 1 off free access event, you are invited to visit Rosalind and I on Saturday 25 March between 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm.
At 1.30 pm on Saturday 25 March we will give an overview of our exhibition followed by a sound healing experience at the gaol as part of this piece.
Offering healing through the timeline from now until then in remembrance of the women and children incarcerated here.

Read on for more info on the installation piece:

The work also focuses on the soundscape of this prison system and the ability to survive using the senses to navigate the environment, through auditory cues.
The sculptures and collage installation were created by Rosalind Lowry, using original image’s of women and children incarcerated in the Irish Gaol system.
The exhibition runs from 20 – 26 March and can be visited as part of Crumlin Road Gaol Tours during this time:

Listen to the 'Sound Capsule' here:

Listen with headphones or earbuds at a safe level.

Please stop track @ 7.24 so that you are not impacted by the volume of any track that follows this.

Created for the Imagine Festival, this soundscape, though brief, honours the women and children incarcerated in Crumlin Road Gael between 1846 – 1914.

The last female prisoners were incarcerated here in 1914, almost 110 years ago.

The piece is an interpretation of the experience of the women and children incarcerated at the time.

This interpretive ‘Sound Capsule’ encapsulates a moment in time, the mood of that time using the sense of sound and imagination to survive by creating a distorted experience of the immediate sound environment.

The theme of this piece is:

Arrival, Survival and Home

This piece has also been created to remind you as the listener how resilient you are, and how you have the potential to draw from your personal imagination and innate creativity to resource you in surviving the world around you.

1-minute silence at the end of the piece in remembrance.

Tessa Ann  is a Sound Artist, Therapeutic Sound Practitioner, and Independent Researcher.

She recently received a Gold Level Innovator recognition from the Department of the Economy for her work in Sound Art and Invest NI have recently recognised her work in developing innovations in Sound Art programmes.


Instagram @thesoundhealingspa

Facebook @thesoundhealingspa

Rosalind Lowry attended Chelsea School of Art and St. Martin’s School of Art in London and is a Member of The Royal Society of Sculptors.

She was recently awarded The Social Art Award from the Institute for Art and Innovation in Berlin.


Instagram @rosalindlowry

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