Sound and Laughter Resource

Thank you for participating in the Sound and Laughter session at the Carer’s Wellbeing Day in White Horse Hotel.

Please find some resources for you to use below:

Vocal toning

Vocal toning is the practice of using your voice to created healing sounds and tones.

Below are some vocal toning sounds to practice following your sound and laughter session:


Oo (Moo)

Oh (Ho)

Ah (Ha)

Eye (I)

Aye (A )

Ee (Hee)

  • Try making these sounds with your speaking or singing voice like we did in the session.  Sit comfortably with your shoulders relaxed.
  • Then try laughing some of these sounds for a more lively experience.
  • Notice where you feel the sounds in your body.
  • Notice how you feel after making these sounds.

If you would like to listen to some sounds for relaxation, you may listen below:

Short sound relaxation track

Listen to a longer sound bath relaxation track below:

Sound bath experience

How to prepare

Welcome to this Sound Healing Spa sound bath experience with Tessa Ann.

During this experience you will hear the sounds of Tibetan singing bowl, crystal singing bowls, gongs, drum and voice.

Some notes to help you prepare for listing to this audio: Listen with earbuds or headphones if possible at a safe level.

Keep yourself warm, comfortable and hydrated throughout the session.

If the sounds become too intense or uncomfortable to listen to you may stop listening at any time.

If you would like to contact me or share comments on your experience afterwards, you are welcome to email me to

Enjoy your experience. Tessa Ann 🙂

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