Tessa Un Ltd Launches Online

Tessa Un ltd logo stacked

I’m so excited to bring Tessa Un Ltd to you all, combining my Sound Healing Spa, Therapeutic Sound Academy and The Sound Oracle Courses all under the one roof.

After some exploration of my birth name as an acronym, it soon emerged that for me in this moment, my name represents how I am as a being and how I currently share my work with sound.⁠
I’ve always encouraged the concept of experiencing the essence, the intrinsic nature of sound and its effects on the physical body, the effects on the inner space of the self as well as the outer space, the external environment.⁠
The addition of the word ‘Un Ltd’ to my name, represents just that.⁠
When I allow myself to experience my world through sound, it has the potential to add such a richness to my life.⁠
It has the potential to provide me with Un Ltd opportunities for transformation through awareness.⁠
My logo integrates sacred geometry with the image of concentric circles in the form of a gong representing wholeness through the circles and expansion through the sound of the gong.⁠
The circle in general represents motion of things continuously moving. No beginning, no end. Infinity.⁠
The triangle also holds great significance.
Having found this new connection with my name in this way, I feel I have aligned with my soul and my purpose.

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