Earth Day 2021

Earth’s Frequency

To mark Earth Day 2021, in this blog I talk about the natural healing frequencies of the Earth.

Earth’s frequencies change as a result of different factors such as human activity, weather systems, earthquakes etc.

One global electromagnetic phenomenon for the Earth’s vibration is known as The Schumann Resonance. This was named after physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted this phenomenon mathematically in 1952.

When lightning flashes it creates low frequency magnetic waves that circle the Earth. These waves are captured between the earth and about 60 miles up in the densest part of the ionosphere. The waves circle the Earth on average 7.83 times per second.

Nature’s Sound Healing

Often called ‘Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm’, you could think of these waves like a drum beat being played 8 times per second.

I like to think of this as ‘Nature’s Sound Healing’.

The Earth’s electromagnetic field surrounds and protects all living things with this natural frequency.

Other Perspectives on the Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance has also been documented to vibrate at much higher frequency rates of around 150 / 160 Hz often attributed to particular world events.

When you take the time to look into this you will find there are many perspectives on how these high spikes are caused or what they might mean.

Firstly, some perspectives I have found show that the high spikes are earth’s energy becoming lighter. Offering you the opportunity to tap into the frequency become more enlightened.

However, other perspectives I have found suggest that high spikes in the earth’s frequency are due to pollution etc.

An Earth Day 2021 Sound Healing Meditation for You

To celebrate Earth Day this year, I have created a short sound meditation to share with you based on the frequency 7.38 Hz.

Some brainwave charts show this frequency of 7.83 Hz as the Alpha brainwave state and others as the Theta brainwave state.

Below are the characteristics relevant to each of the frequency bands I have taken from

Alpha – Very relaxed, passive attention

Theta – Deeply relaxed, inward focused

The word that pops out for me from these 2 sets of characteristics is ‘Relaxed’.

I invite you to listen to this sound healing meditation. Let me know if you have a very relaxing, or deeply relaxing experience.

Try sending Mother Earth some of your chilled vibes too.


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